I love women, and I love the woman body. To touch, to look, to photograph, to draw. I’ve always thought how amazing the woman body is: looking so fragile and hiding a strengh you hardly see anywhere else. That’s one of the reasons our body should be more respected, no matter what we wear or what we do. Nudity is normal, feeling confortable with our body and others should be normal. For me it is.

Beautiful photo and beautiful write up. Women are definitely incredibly strong human beings and deserve a great deal of admiration and appreciation. I love how you’ve framed this submission with your crossed feet in the foreground and your dark hair falling down your back. The lighting is gorgeous too and the folds in the blanket you’re on at first glance looks like sand and is making me wish I was laying naked on the beach somewhere. -Trouble


*hears footsteps* *closes 12 tabs and goes to facebook*


My bird is ready to fly. 

Another example of how perfect sunlight from the window is for photography, this photo is exceptional. The light in her hair and on her breast is soft and warm. If you can’t get outside it’s nice to see a ninja admiring the beauty of mother nature.

Cacia Zoo by Joseph Umbro
untitled by Joe Curtin on Flickr.